K. M. Ehrenfeldt


Time Turns
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Lightning Strikes
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Ophiuchun Night
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River of Life
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What Really Matters
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I Lay My Spiral Galaxy Down, to Breathe... to Dream...

Divine Rain
The Divine Rain body of work speaks to that aspect of creativity and inspiration where archetypal stories and icons seep gently into our minds, causing us to explore with curiosity the meaning of such imagery and relevance to our experience in life. Each piece has at its core the substance of slate roof tiles, weathered for nearly 100 years in their first incarnation of use atop a rural barn in Placerville, California. The imagery of these pieces reflect the surrounding nature of life, earthly and heavenly. Just as these slates have gone on to a new life as art, so have the reclaimed materials supporting their compositions. This is a work of rebirth from one physical form to the next, from one purpose in life to another.