K. M. Ehrenfeldt

Divine Rain

Lightning Strikes Image

Lightning Strikes close up


Lightning Strikes

22-3/4" x 26-3/4" x 1"

Weathered slate, an old warped-wooden frame, oils, acrylics, latex, gold leaf, feathers, gold thread.

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Statement for Lightning Strikes

There is a beauty in what breaks, no matter how painful the moment, for in that shattering, the crack between worlds has opened, and the liminal space released. What was written in stone, thought to be known and understood, transforms in simultaneous disbursing, re-absorption, and recollection – to preserve the integrity within. That lightning strike answered a call.

Ironically, these calls are often our own expressed desires, knowingly uttered time and again – but not always. Sometimes it is just what evolution demands of a soul, its purpose unknown from an earth-bound perspective. Was this egg to become a robin in natural cycle of life? Or was it to inspire an artist to cultivate this image from a chance encounter? Was this artist always meant to one day listen to this other soul, to raise this theme to ponder? Did the soul of the being within the egg shine more brightly to be received in this way, or is it still the tragic loss of what could have been? ...all questions beyond answering from this vantage point.

What can be known is that such thresholds are common in all acts of creation, pure acceptance the uncommon.