K. M. Ehrenfeldt

Divine Rain

Spiral Galaxy Image


I Lay My Spiral Galaxy Down, to Breathe... to Dream...

11" x 16" x 4"

Weathered slate, acrylic, barn wood.

Spiral Galaxy is available through the artist.

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Statement for I Lay My Spiral Galaxy Down...

Upon first glance the spiral galaxy is seen on the watery surface of aged slate, though in shallow bas relief, she awaits your discovery of her true form. In sleep, as she appears in peaceful repose, the dreamer echoes the archetype of a celestial goddess, mother of all and mystery beyond all knowledge.

Ancient Egyptians conceived their celestial goddess, Nut, as responsible for the cycles of life and all creation. Nut swallows the sun each evening, giving birth to the moon each night, continuing the cycle at sunrise, birthing the sun, in turn swallowing the moon. This is an alchemy of life processes expressed in archetype and myth, reflective of human potential, creativity and challenge.

With awareness of the unknown, the light of ideas is nurtured within to become tangible form in time. And in this most compelling of sleep, the ego diminishes so the mind can expand and range further than any known map, as creative processes are engaged between the individual and the universal forces beyond human limit.