K. M. Ehrenfeldt

Divine Rain

Time Turns Image


Time Turns

24" x 21" x 2"

Weathered slate, gold leaf, acrylic, barn wood.

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Statement for Time Turns

This alchemically themed art piece dances around the known and unknown, hidden and revealed, felt and perceived, as physical and spiritual beings which experience many forms of transformation.

Upon a canvas of lead, stone tiles pierced from their previous incarnation now bear the carvings of thought and element in a story of their own. The ancient lemniscate, the all of existence turned upon itself in creative tension, is symbolic of infinity. Above this Mobius path, the arched vision reveals an overwhelming presence of a tangible god, one that appears as a mysterious looming presence and motivator of change.

Mystery instigates new action, time turns upon itself causing the blue fires of spirit to burn with intensity, insisting upon change from one state of being to the next. Rising from this blue fire, only visible in certain light, the spirit takes form as smoke and bird entering the mist of time beyond. Time Turns, the fires of infinity burn, and phoenix rises, reborn to a new point in time.