K. M. Ehrenfeldt


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Divine Rain

K. M. Ehrenfeldt's installation work dates from 1985-1992, and was usually accompanied by sound or the rare storytelling performance. Thematically, this body of work explores spiritual states of being, the presence of myth in daily life, the mystical union of spirit and nature, and human responsibility in regard to nature. The primary emphasis was on enveloping the viewer as though a painting could be actually entered into, seen from different vantage points, as well as heard and felt. The indoor installation spaces were treated with colored paint, sometimes layers of it, and lit in a painterly way with gels. Using accessible low tech solutions, colored gels were fitted over standard track lighting, and the sound was supplied by simple tape recording equipment. The materials used for the elements within the spaces range from copper wire, fused glass, print photography, wood, clay, fiberglass, etc.... a mixture of materials in each one.

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