K. M. Ehrenfeldt



Body of Art
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go to Divine Rain
A series of images inspired by the aged slate itself: natural, archetypal, and timeless.
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Mixed media installations, often accompanied with sound, floor treatment for effect, or the rare performance.

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Sculptural pieces of natural elements and found objects that speak of transformation.

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Go to Lost Dreams
Archival pigment prints integrating Egyptian archetypes, fallen birds, and nature, images are of photographic origin taken into painterly digital composites.

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Go to Thresholds
Archival pigment prints arising out of travel to natural, ancient, and sacred sites around the world, incorporating images of photographic origin into painterly digital composites.



A note for viewers... For several of the pieces I have provided written statements that are simply offered as additional perspective of the work. These statements are not intended to replace the voice of any piece, rather to enhance and provide access if needed. The pieces do speak for themselves, so you may prefer not to read my words at all, it is your choice. These statements can be viewed or hidden by selecting the “Reveal Artist’s Comments” or “Hide Artist’s Comments” links beneath the piece’s title. I hope you enjoy this option.

Please revisit from time to time. This page and site are evolving, a more extensive representation of the portfolio will be coming in time, as well as new work.