K. M. Ehrenfeldt

Lost Dreams

Dynamism Lost and Restored with Horus Image



Dynamism Lost and Restored with Horus

15” x 30”

Archival pigment print.

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Statement for Dynamism Lost and Restored with Horus

This image is flooded with golden light to stem a rising gulf of world-weariness momentarily defeating the self. There is but one cure; renew the worn self in order to engage passion and re-engage the world. Ironically this weariness is an earned perspective for one who has worked diligently, meaningfully, with talent and purpose… for decades. Renewal comes in many forms, not the least of which is acceptance of achievements, regardless of lost opportunities along the way. Horus, as the divine king who dynamically embraces his kingdom with skillfulness, is passing the shen, signifying eternity, from the divine archetype to the higher self. A dynamic future requires reinvigoration of the inner landscape and cultivation of a better sense of the past; the process is internal, it requires a deliberate and personal activation. The conscious self in turn must pass the shen to the mundane self to bring renewal and hope of ample time, and this connection is forged.

Photography notes for bird: 2007, the complex driveway near home, San Jose, California

Photography notes for Horus: 2006, Canon Powershot, Abydos

Archetype and Symbols: Horus, shen