K. M. Ehrenfeldt

Lost Dreams

Potentiality Restored with the Goddess Nut Image



Potentiality Restored with the Goddess Nut

36” x 13.75”

Archival pigment print.

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Statement for Potentiality Restored with the Goddess Nut

Smashed Robin’s egg, life obliterated. Beauty and breakage from a harshly lit perspective — though when seen from an opposite viewpoint, coloration turns the smashed egg into a night sky and the creative truth is revealed. Nature is, nature contributes one form to the next, there was no loss, the fluids and particles fed others too minute to be observed, nature persists. Life thrives in all forms with this larger perspective. The Goddess Nut swallows the Moon and the Sun giving birth to each day… all creation is cyclical, connected, interconnected. Otherwise known as dung beetle, whose larvae fly forth from spherical egg encasements, seemingly transforming the old into the new, the dross into purity — Scarab is equated with transformation. Combined, these images suggest nothing has been lost; transform the dross, the seeming loss or failure into the new, for creation is contained therein.

Photography notes for bird: 2005, sidewalk near home, San Jose, California

Photography notes for Nut: 2006, Canon Powershot, Dendera

Archetype and Symbols: Goddess Nut, scarab