K. M. Ehrenfeldt

Lost Dreams

Seeking Out the Wings of Isis Image



Seeking Out the Wings of Isis

22” x 11”

Archival pigment print.

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Statement for Seeking Out the Wings of Isis

The fragile bird is reminiscent of a thunderbird form, strong stance, an outward glance, but frozen in this plane. Grounded in a lower perspective, colors of life have muted to gray, and a higher view is needed. In the myth of Osiris, Isis sought far and wide for his body, and finding his dismembered remains, sung him back to life, long enough to conceive their son Horus. Her perseverance, healing abilities, and love gained Isis regard for her maternal strength and tenderness. In this image Isis symbolizes motherhood, bestowing her gift of welfare and protection to the child, soothing and relieving all ills. It is said that Isis used her outstretched wings to fan the breath of life into the dying. This lost dream of life is in need of tender regard and a renewed breath of life to finally begin (or resume) its progress, and finds resolution in the comforting wings of Isis.

Photography notes for bird: 2007, the complex driveway near home, San Jose, California

Photography notes for Isis: 2006, Canon Powershot, Abydos

Archetype and Symbols: Isis, Tjetā€“the Blood of Isis