K. M. Ehrenfeldt

Lost Dreams

Transcendence Image



Transcendence (Horus)

18” x 18.5”

Archival pigment print.

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Statement for Transcendence

In the end, no matter the inner debate, there comes a shift point, when dying to what was and allowing the self to transcend enables movement forward. Along the path of lost dreams, many other dreams unfolded. All were intentional, were greatly received at the time, and brought unanticipated rewards. There was a genuine quality, for they arose naturally, purely organic out of growth and exploration of the world. Arising in collaboration, a confluence with others pursuing their dreams and passions along the way, they were simply unforeseen with a child’s perspective, but perhaps reflect the genuine life that was meant to be. Introspection revealed which dreams to renew, which to relinquish, and which experiences to embrace. The red-winged blackbird lay in complete surrender at the threshold of change. Horus as its divine counterpart, with symbols of rays of light and renewal aiding in transformation, wears the vibrant red wing-caps of passion and significance, carrying this attainment forward into the next phase of life.

Photography notes for bird: 2010, Palm Treo cell phone, my former home of Yosemite National Park, California

Photography notes for Horus: 2006, Canon Powershot, Abydos

Archetype and Symbols: Horus, solar rays, djed pillar