K. M. Ehrenfeldt


Iona--Stirrings link
Dendera--Sky Goddess link
Dendera—Sky Goddess
Petra--Stairway Illumination link
Petra—Stairway Illumination

Karnak--Out Into the Day link
Karnak—Out Into the Day
Abydos--Song of the Pleiades link
Abydos—Song of the Pleiades


The Threshold series arises out of travel to natural, ancient, and sacred sites around the world over the course of many years. I have been drawn to visit many sites, often travelling alone. Always the artist, I respond with camera and eye to what I see, what calls to me. I spend time in silence and stillness to understand the form of art the environment itself is, and what it speaks to. I write, I sing, I breathe. While there, I am travelling, circulating — collecting experiences, taking notes. And later, in their time, the images come into being. My intention with this series is to convey an experience of encountering sacred place, its unique feel and transformative effect upon me. The threshold quality, again re-experienced during the depiction of what it invoked in me earlier, signifies for me the value of presence, being, and lasting effects of merging with something larger than the self.

K. M. Ehrenfeldt 3/15/2013