K. M. Ehrenfeldt


Dendera--Sky Goddess Image


Dendera—Sky Goddess

16" x 20"

Archival pigment print

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Statement for DenderaSky Goddess

On the rooftop of Dendera temple rests an observatory, its blackened ceiling carved with one of the oldest depictions of the zodiac. Deities hold up the vault of heaven in which mythic tensions forge heavenly interactions, and it is this space that forms the ground of this image. Clouds and mist make for an undefined ground in which the threshold to heaven descends. The scarab ascends well-worn steps, flanked by companions on its spiritual quest to engage the sky goddess. Her face on the heavenly body, Nut is the creation goddess of heavenly cycles, each night consuming the moon, each day giving birth to the sun.

I’ve always been drawn to the paintings of Nut, her body of stars bending around all creation in existence, arms outstretched overhead to fully surround all life with her arching stance. When I’d first arrived at Dendera, I began dodging the plentiful guides who were supposed to be helpful, but mostly wanted to attach themselves to you for a fee or just be wherever you were. I wanted solitude. Nipping between columns and darting down hallways and through doorways I found myself in a lovely temple — perfect columns of Hathor at the entrance, with the creation goddess Nut filling the ceiling within. I had time there to be, to allow my thoughts to dwell upon the cycles of creation.

K. M. Ehrenfeldt 1/3/2013